Why to choose Java?

Why to choose Java?

by Michał Cholewiński

There are lot of different languages that are friendly for programmers. Choosing programming language depends on project that You are going to create. There are many cases that should be taken into account before choosing language. I’m going to point out why to use Java.

My programming start

I have started my journey from structured programming in Pascal. This programming language look like, to put it mildly, poo. Maybe 15 years ago it was good language to start learning how to code basic functions. We, as well as entire IT world, should go on with things and start learning something state of the art and programmer friendly.

Next language, that I have learned, was C. This language is really powerful and fast. I wrote my first Music Player with help of C and ncurses library. I was really proud of it but I felt that I need something more, something easier to understand and something that allows thinking about objects from real life.

Start with Java

Objects is key aspect that pushed me to dig deeper into Java. As a matter of fact Objectiveness was the most difficult thing to understand for me but for someone, who understands that idea, learning Java will be piece of cake.

Why to choose Java?

Reasons to choose coffee cup language

  1. As mentioned above, Java is language relatively easy to learn.
  2. Java programmers create big community, there is really easy to find solutions for issues that occur when working on applications. Quality of official documentation is also very high.
  3. This is multiplatform language which means that running application written in java on one OS will be working on other operational systems.
  4. Application in that language can be really effective if we only know how to use its power.
  5. There are many frameworks and libraries that can help solving some problems with less effort from programmer side.
  6. It works on JVM – Java Virtual Machine. It creates isolated environment to run applications. This is complex C++ program that implements some algorithms, that are optimized to be very efficient including increasing speed of data processing as well as effective way of memory management. JVM allows running not only applications written in Java, it supports also Scala, Kotlin and Groovy.
  7. It’s easy to find job when you are Java Programmer.
  8. You don’t have to be aware of memory management (at least at the beginning of your career)
  9. Multithreading support.
  10. This is good starting point to learn other areas such as programming in Android.
  11. Big players in IT world are using Java https://stackshare.io/java


As you can see here and on other websites there are many reasons that says “Hey Bro, choosing other languages are bad  idea” I would say the same, but in my opinion there are many good languages and choice is dependent only on what You are going to create and what is expected result.

I want to encourage You to discuss about this topic. If You like it or not please leave comment.